Monday, July 13, 2009

Welcome To My Party

On Saturday, Axl called me to say he was at a garage sale and having a terrible time keeping folks away from a major vintage hat score. A man had already bought the marching band hat and top hat that were for sale and was now reaching for the hats Axl had his eye on so Axl stepped up and said, "How much for all of these?" and, luckily, the man backed off. Now, Axl was just waiting for me to arrive and pay the good woman selling them. Oh my goodness! Look! What a great treat to wake up to! I think there are about 21 hats total. Thanks, Babe, for the good looking out.


  1. daaaaayum, girl! if there are any of those you decide you don't want, lemmie know!

  2. seriously. i'm still jealous as hell over here.

  3. they are lovely! that red/black one and the red one look extra cool - as does the turquoise feather and..oh hell, love them all and even better - love your Axl for spying them and saving them for you!