Friday, July 17, 2009

Matters Of The Heart

When our move began, I would jot down notes for post topics and when I would revisit the list later the topics would feel like ancient history. Time is flying by faster than I can blog about it. Here are some recent highlights:
On Monday, I resigned from my job. My boss took the news well. She stated that she is excited for me, that I've done a good job for the agency, and that she understood that my job is an entry level position with no opportunity for advancement. My last day at my job will be August 13. The same day I resigned, I received a call to interview with the local university for a survey research position I'd applied for in June. I interviewed on Tuesday and was hired. Hooray! I have a part-time job that fits around my school schedule for this fall. I am hugely relieved by all of this.

Previous to my good news, I had a tiny scare around the fourth of July when I thought I might have a blood clot forming in my left leg. I'd had a persistent squeezing sensation (think of how it feels to have your blood pressure taken) and pain behind my knee so I went to see my general practitioner. She ordered an ultrasound of my legs and, very thankfully, I was told the test came back just fine. Still, what caused my symptoms? I was stymied when my general practitioner didn't follow up with me. As I was commenting about this to a friend (J.), she said I should see her doctor because her doctor is very thorough and has a great bedside manner. I am forever bitching that my general practitioner and ob/gyn aren't thorough enough so I made an appointment with J.'s doctor. My first appointment was this morning and wow! Dr. M discovered I have a heart murmur possibly caused by something called atrial septal defect (asd) and she thinks she heard the clicking noise associated with mitrovalve prolapse. Dr. M is recommending me to see a cardiologist at the university to have an ultrasound of my heart. This cardiologist has found a link between asd and migraines, which I also have. Am I scared? A little. When I read about asd online, every article mentions frightening complications. For example, there is a complication called Eisenmenger's syndrome that generally results in death by age 40. I'm assuming (read: hoping) that is only if Eisenmenger's goes undiagnosed before age 40. Ultimately, I figure it is better to be hearing I have a heart murmur/asd and mitrovalve prolapse now while something can still be done about it than later when my activities of daily living may be impaired by it. Having asd would certainly explain some things I've noticed through the years (unusual tiredness after physical activity, heart palpitations, fainting and migraines from a young age on up). In addition to sending me to see the cardiologist, Dr. M ordered a battery of blood work that will show if I am susceptible to any clotting disorders. Since I am adopted, I don't know much about my birth family's health history and Dr. M. felt that by having this test we could put to rest any questions we both have about whether I am at risk for blood clots or stroke. Though I am excited by this turn of events, I am also concerned about my upcoming lack of insurance since I might possibly need surgery to close the hole in my heart. Hopefully, I can do some sort of COBRA thing.

Anyway, this is why my posts are infrequent as of late. I am as distracted as distracted can be.

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  1. wow, that is a lot of news all at once! i am so glad you listened to your friend and saw a new doctor - very thorough for sure! congrats on the new jobbie and all that good part of the news and keep us in the loop on your health situation!!