Friday, July 31, 2009

A Tense Week

Monday: Got coffee with D. I always look forward to hanging out with her. Dear Starbucks, we enjoy visiting your patio but your seating is highly uncomfortable for long-term chatting of any kind.

Tuesday: Worked my first shift at the new job. Felt a little like Annie Potts as Janine Melnitz in Ghosbusters when someone would answer the phone.

"We got one!"

Wednesday: Worked both jobs. I find I hate being at my day job now that I've resigned. I can see they are not going to hire someone before I go. I almost wish I'd given them two weeks notice instead of a month.

Thursday: Sucked. My (soon to be ex) boss told me she thought a social work degree indicated a commitment to a certain type of work. She is very casual in her delivery of comments such as this and the insensitivity of her words always hits me like a slap in the face. Axl spent the day defending his thesis which meant that we were both grumpy by the time we got home. In the evening, he went to visit a friend and I went to the coffee shop for some girl time and knitting with RWKN and C. I should say that they knit and I fretted and cast on and tore out stitches instead of accomplishing anything. I was glad I went out though because it brought me out of the pissed off mood I was in just sitting at home.

Friday: Looking forward to getting finished at work, going home, and doing some things I want to do this weekend which is what I need most. I hope you get to do what you want and need to do most this weekend too.

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