Friday, July 24, 2009

Monday: Found out that COBRA is going to cost about $528.00 a month. Considered taking back my resignation and delaying going back to school by a semester. Axl says no, that we will work it out somehow and to keep my plans. Such a gem, he is. I couldn't do this without him.
Tuesday: Scheduled an appointment with the cardiologist. August 5th, it is. I'm trying not to bite my nails while I wait. I just want to know what I'm dealing with already.
Wednesday: Went to the mall after work with Axl to return the Posie Tint I purchased over the weekend. In the store, Posie Tint looked like it was going to be my new makeup best friend. I'm so pale and this product livened me up a bit. At home, victim of poor lighting in the bathroom, I may have applied a little more than I should because I looked like I'd been slapped. Plus, the tint settled into my blemishes in such a way that I suddenly had little red freckles. *sigh*
Thursday: Training day at my new part-time job. Some of the girls in the lab were frosty but other than that I liked it. I had three practice sessions and was told each time that I'd done a good job.
Today: We've discussed going to see a punkabilly band tonight. If we do, it will be fun to put on a dress and get dolled up. If we don't, vegging out on the couch sounds devine.

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  1. he is a gem. i think you should keep him. also? he's right.