Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mental Vomit

Nothing in the following post is earth-shattering stuff. I just haven't posted much this week and this is what's on my mind:

I can't register for classes until next week because my previous university has to send a copy of what classes I've already taken to the university I'm transferring to in order for my prerequisites to be lifted. Meh. I was hoping to know my course schedule this week. Also, I need to get my ACT scores from my high school and no one is answering the phone because school is out. Double meh.

Last week, I sold my bed and now I'm sleeping on an air mattress on the floor because we'll be buying a new bed when we move into the new apartment. The air mattress gives my current apartment that (not-attractive) crack den feel and, though I thought I'd get used to it, sleeping so close to the floor causes me to feel vulnerable. My cats (I have three) are not fond of the air mattress and goosestep around it. We are not amused at the hacienda del Juggernaut.

I began cleaning my couch in earnest Monday night so I can sell it and discovered it was harder than I thought it would be to hand clean a couch. The couch is a Sealy brand, off-white couch and I think I must have been sleeping when I bought it (on Craigslist) because who has three cats and buys an off-white couch? In case you're wondering, the couch is made of a sturdy fabric that has survived the onslaught of cat claws. No rips or tears to report, just soil from regular use. Determined, I searched online for a reasonable couch cleaning product and discovered a foaming upholstery cleaner you can find in the automotive section of Walmart called Tuff Stuff.

Tuff Stuff has worked the best of any product I have used so far to clean the couch. Rumor has it (online anyway) that a lot of places you pay to detail your car are out back using Tuff Stuff (which retails for less than $3.00 a can here).

Insert migraine that lasted all day Tuesday here. I was so puny my boss even sent me home from work. I didn't feel up to anything when I got home either so I went to bed. I forced myself to wake up two hours later to see if the man in the next paragraph was going to follow through. I continue not to feel the best today but my friend, D., is coming over tonight for pizza and horror movies. That's a surefire cure to what ails me if ever there was one. I'm a girl of simple tastes.

I know I've touched on how I simultaneously love and hate the Craigslist but it's more that I simultaneously love and hate the people using Craigslist and their social skills. Last month, I posted some tables for sale and a man who was interested in them called while we were in Chicago. I told him I would call him when we got back home, which I did. When I tried to set up a time for the man to come see the tables, he wouldn't agree to be pinned down to a time. He said something like, "How about I call you when I'm on my way home from work tomorrow?" and I said, "What time will that be?" and he said, "Oh, somewhere around 6:30?" and I said, "Okay, we'll plan to hear from you around 6:30 tomorrow." Six-thirty came and went and not a peep was heard out of the man. There were no further calls from him. Monday, out of the blue, the man calls to see if he can come by within the hour he is calling. He makes no mention of why he didn't call when he was supposed to before plus I am not about to meet with him without Axl around so I suggest Tuesday as a better time to meet and the man says he can do that but, again, when I try to schedule a time with him he does the, "I'll call you when I'm on my way home from work." thing. I was able to get him to say he'd call between six and seven Tuesday night. This time, I call him a little before six to see if he is still wanting to come see the tables. He seems caught off guard and you can tell he has totally forgotten about promising to call me. "Can we do it Thursday?", he asks. Ugh! He is not getting my tables.

Today, I saw this ad on Yahoo!'s homepage and I must say I wonder what the woman in the picture is getting her degree in.


  1. sounds like you've had a hella craptastic week too. maybe there's something in the air.

    thanks for the tip on that tuff stuff - mr. inky has left a big old head sized greasy spot from his hair pomade (ah, the vintage lifestyle is so glam - not) and I need to see if I can clean it. I can was the damn cover (thank you, Ikea) but it's a hassle. I wonder how good crocheted doilies will look on it, hahaha.

    i do hope you are feeling better soon when all your stuuuuuuuuuuffff gets sorted out.

  2. You don't know how much I love that Mr. Inky's hair pomade has become cause for crocheted doilies to be threatened. :)