Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Made Of People!

Just a little update. Me and the kitties (I have three) stayed the night at the new apartment last night. I woke up several times in the night to the sound of people entering the apartments around me and I jumped out of my skin the first time the church bells chimed nearby but all in all not too shabby. There was the sound of a car accident at one point that startled me but, as Axl pointed out, once the television is connected the noise from it playing will drown out a lot of that sort of thing. The kitties seem to like the new place better already. I'm sure there is more for them to do here since I don't have to keep the place buttoned up like Fort Knox as I did at the old place. I've honestly missed living up a story or two. First floor living has its conveniences but being able to leave the curtains open without fear of someone scoping out your shit for a later break-in is much better. The cats love the large windowsills at the new place and spent most of today hopping up in them to look outside. Now, I do have to share with you the grossest thing ever. Earlier today, the maintenance man came to replace the garbage disposal. To his surprise and mine, when he took out the old disposal it was full of cat litter. Nasty! Who puts cat litter down the sink?

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