Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weekend Finds

I bought this dress for $10.00(!) at the Hebron Gap Outlet:

I found the above pictures on ebay and I'm assuming the person who posted them borrowed them from the Gap website. I'm not sure what I think of Gap's decision to advertise the dress layered because it is gorgeous on its own (well, maybe not in brown). The next picture is of the dress in the color I bought it in (navy). This picture is borrowed from seller mothgirl13 on ebay. She had her name on the hem of the dress in the photo and I took it out but wanted her to get proper credit for taking the picture. I could take one of my own but I don't have a mannequin in order to properly show the shape of the dress. It is a cotton blend that has a silk sheen to it. I was so happy to find this dress on Saturday because I had to give a speech (twice) on Sunday for work and it was nice to have a pretty dress to wear in front of all those people.

My other find this weekend was this necklace (picture is from the Mod Cloth website):

I was so excited to find the necklace locally because I had been debating buying it online. If you like it, you can buy one here.

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