Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Seen At The Flea Market

Last Thursday, Axl and I drove to his parents' house to spend a few days before coming back to visit my family for Easter Sunday. Axl's mother is into scavaging for vintage pieces similar to the way I am and we had a ball driving around to different shops during our visit. Axl's parent's live in a rural area and what better than a rural area for a flea market? Though not the flea markets I remember from my youth, Axl and I attended two on Saturday that provided many worthwhile sights and sounds. Axl took this picture for me with his iPhone because my camera was acting up:

What would a flea market be without a bust of Elvis (and Laurel and Hardy hanging out in the background)?

The man who owned this gorgeous guy offered to let me hold him. Thinking about it now, I probably should have done it because I have very few opportunities to hold a rooster in my day to day but I figured getting scratched and pecked wasn't worth it. Drawing on my roots, my exact words when the owner offered were, "Lord, no." Sure was a gorgeous bird. And loud.

The following were unexpected. Good thing I'm not a little girl or there would have been tears at wanting to take them all home with me. Beagle and basset hound pups!

These two guys were next to the others and $450.00 more. Corgi pups! I don't support dog breeding what with all the animals in shelters needing a home but oh! The cuteness! They wouldn't hold still for a picture which is why they're all blurry. I got to hold the one on the right and it was all I talked about for the rest of the day.

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